350+ Tally Shortcut keys in Hindi | Tally in Hindi

We very well know that Tally is the most used accounting software in India. And it is widely used in different countries due to friendly features. For quick accessing of the tally features, tally gives us a list of amazing tally shortcut keys which help us to speed up the task. Working with keyboard in tally is much easier than the mouse.

Tally shortcut keys list include all the shortcut that can be used at every voucher, entering screen reports, master screen, configure screen. The tally shortcut keys along with their function are explained. Below are the 350+ list of the tally shortcut keys that you will come across while working out Tally. learn Tally in Hindi.

Basic Shortcut keys

Print any Document

Export any Document

E-mail any Document

Change the language

Change the language of keyboard

Take a Help

Activate Calculator

Deactivate Calculator

Inventory Vouchers Shortcut

Sales Order

Purchase order

Receipt Note

Delivery Note

Rejection in

Rejection out

Stock Journal

Physical Stock voucher

Accounting Vouchers Shortcut

Contra Entry

Payment Entry

Receipt Entry

Journal Entry

Sales Entry


Debit Note

Reversing Journal

Memorandum Voucher

Credit Note