Thermometer Chart in Excel | Example of Thermometer chart

Thermometer Chart in Excel

Thermometer chart looks like a thermometer which represents how much work or goal is achieved or accomplished from the set target. This chart is basically used to find the level of target completed or how far are we have reached in getting the set target. Thermometer charts are best used when we have single target to achieve.

It is easy to create and easy to understand as well. The chart is expressed in percentage.

There is no default option for thermometer chart. You need to create thermometer chart by following few steps:

Step 1: Select the Dataset

Thermometer Chart - Data Example

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab, Chart column select 2-D Column chart.

Thermometer Chart - insert Tab select 2D Column chart

Step 3: Right-Click on the Dark Blue bar set and Select format Data Series.

Thermometer Chart - Format Data series

Step 4: Select Primary Axis option from the Series Option and Increase the Series Overlap to 100.

Thermometer Chart - Series Overlap

Step 5: In the Series fill option > tick on No Fill, in the Border fill option > tick on Solid Line.

Thermometer Chart - Series Options

Step 6: Change the color and the width, here we have changed color to Dark Blue and width to 2 pt.

Thermometer Chart - Change Color & width

Step 7: Right Click and select Format plot area. Click on the Solid fill to change the color of the Chart plot area.

Thermometer Chart - Format plot Area

Step 8: Delete the gridlines by Pressing the ‘+’ Plus sign beside the chart and untick on Gridlines.

Step 9: Move the legend to the top of the chart. and You will see that your thermometer chart is ready.

Thermometer Chart with Example

The colored part in the chart represents how much target is actually achieved and the border of the bar presents the target set. If you change any value in your raw data, the chart will automatically update itself.

We mainly need to remember two things while preparing thermometer chart:

1. Overlapping

2. No fill in the Fill option and Solid Border in the Border option.

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