Vlookup vs Hlookup in Excel


Learn Vlookup Vs Hlookup in Excel in Hindi

Is Video mai aap dekhoge ki:

  • VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP mai difference kya hai?
  • Kis situation mai aapko Vlookup istamaal karna hai?
  • Kis situation mai aapko Hlookup ka sahara lena hai?

You have 2 Tables in Front of you:Two Tables

Pehla dhyaan Left Side par rakhe:

  • Yaha par Vertically, Uppar se Niche(Top to Bottom) Company Name hai
  • Inke Sales k Numbers hai
  • Inke Cost bhi hai

If Anyone Ask you:

Blue Company k Cost k baare mai mujhe bataye?

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Blue Answer to found

(Company Name=Blue→Cost=?)

Toh chaliye dosto, mai aapko batata hu kaise karte hai:

  1. Type  ⇒ {=VLOOKUP}
  2. Lookup Value → Select Blue(D4 Cell) ⇒ {=VLOOKUP(D4,}
  3. Table Array → Select Whole Table(B7:D12) ⇒ {=VLOOKUP(D4,B7:D12}
  4. Press F4 → Taaki Table Freeze or Lock hojaye ⇒ {=VLOOKUP(D4,$B$7:$D$12,}
  5. Column Index No. → 3rd Column ⇒ {=VLOOKUP(D4,$B$7:$D$12,3,}
  6. Range Lookup → False/0(Exact Match) ⇒ {=VLOOKUP(D4,$B$7:$D$12,3,0)}
  7. Press ENTER↵

Answer aagya bhaiya, Company Name=Blue→Cost=9,400

Ye tha Basic Vlookup ⇑

Par dosto, yehi same data ko mene Transpose kia hai:Transpose

  1. Select kare ⇒ Pure Table ko Copy Kare
  2. Dusre Cell par ⇒ Right Click kare
  3. Click kare ⇒ Paste Special par
  4. Tick kare ⇒ Transpose Checkbox par
  5. Press OK

Waah bhaiya, jo chiz uppar se niche dikhaai gyi thi vo Side Ways aagyi hai

Toh dosto, aapko Lookup Value k jariye, Uppar se Niche Side Ways dekhna ho?

Toh  kehlata hai Horizontal Lookup(HLOOKUP):

  1. Type ⇒ {=HLOOKUP}
  2. Lookup Value → Select Blue(G4 Cell) ⇒ {=HLOOKUP(G4,}
  3. Table Array → Select Whole Table(F7:K9) ⇒ {=HLOOKUP(G4,F7:K9}
    (Note: 1st Row aisa ho, jaha aapko Lookup Value paya jaa sake)
  4. Press F4 → Taaki Table Freeze hojaye ⇒ {=HLOOKUP(G4,$F$7:$K$9}
  5. Row Index No. → 3rd Column(Cost 3rd Row mai hai) ⇒ {=HLOOKUP(G4,$F$7:$K$9,3}
  6. Range Lookup → False/0(Exact Match) ⇒  {=HLOOKUP(G4,$F$7:$K$9,3,0)}
  7. Press ENTER↵

Answer aagya bhaiya, Same Answer aaya jo Vlookup ne dikhaya tha, Company Name=Blue→Cost=9,400

Toh dosto, ye tha VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP ka Basic difference:

  • Data agar Vertically Placed hai toh ⇒ VLOOOKUP
  • Same ID Codes ya Common Link Horizontally Placed hai toh ⇒ HLOOKUP

Toh Dosto,