Excel Hyperlink Function

Excel spreadsheet is an ideal place for recording and storing a large amount of data. Excel Hyperlink function will take you one step further. This tutorial will explain to you what is a hyperlink? Where can you find the hyperlink function in Excel? How do you create a hyperlink in excel?

Shortcut to create a hyperlink in Excel. Hyperlinks are used on the internet to jump from one website to another.

What is the Excel Hyperlink function?

An Excel hyperlink function is a reference for a specific location, document, or web pages that the user can jump by just clicking on it. Hyperlinks in Excel are easily visible as they are generally highlighted with blue and underlined as well. A hyperlink is a link from a document that opens another page when you click on it. It can be a web page, or an email address or an image.

How Hyperlinks are used?

Hyperlinks are used to do the following things:

1: Navigate to file or web page on the internet.

2: Send an email address.

3: Create a new document.

4: Navigate to a specific location in the workbook.

Excel Shortcut key to Open Hyperlink Dialog Box-

The shortcut key to open the hyperlink dialog box is by pressing CTRL + K. Pressing this shortcut key will open the hyperlink dialog box in front of you. This will ask you various questions like the text you want to display, where do you want to link the text to, where do you want to look, and so on.

Where do you find Hyperlink in Excel?

Excel Hyperlink function key is found at 2 places

The first place is by pressing the right click on the mouse and select hyperlink.

The second place is in the Insert ribbon link group.

How do we Remove Hyperlink in Excel?

To remove a hyperlink which already exists in the Excel sheet is simply by right-clicking on the mouse with an option to remove the hyperlink.

How to Create Hyperlink in Excel?

The following are the steps to create a hyperlink in Excel:

Step 1: Select the cell that you want to add a hyperlink to.

Step 2: Open the Insert hyperlink dialog box either by right click or going into the insert tab or by pressing the shortcut.

Step 3: Type the text that you want to display in the text to display. And then choose the option to define your link address.

The different options to define your link address are explained in detail below:

1. Link to an existing file or web page: To link to an existing file select the file or navigate to a web page you can type the email address.

2. Link to a place in this document: The second option to define your link is to place in the current document you are working on. By selecting this option will allow you to select a worksheet and also ask you to specify the cell.

3. Link to a new document: The third option is to link it to a new document. Selecting this option will ask you to specify the name and the location of the new document. Enter the details and press OK.

4. Link to an E-mail address: The final option is to link to an E-mail address. Selecting this option will allow you to specify the e-mail address or to select from the recently used e-mail address.

Hyperlink Shape in Excel

The hyperlink shape can be made easily in Excel. The video gave you an explanation regarding how to create a hyperlink shape.

Steps to create hyperlink shapes are as follow:

Step 1: Go to the Insert tab, and select the shapes button.

Step 2: Select the shape you want to.

Step 3: Right-click and press edit text and write the text it in. you can modify your text according to your wish.

Step 4: Right-click on the mouse or use the shortcut key Ctrl + k.

Step 5: Select the place you want to link to i.e. either in the same document, new document, email address, or to the web.

Step 6: Click on OK. And press outside the shape to activate the shape.

Step 7: Now when you click on the shape it will take you to the specified link.


Now with the help of this tutorial, you will come to know how u can create a hyperlink, how you can remove hyperlink, etc. You can also create hyperlinks using VBA.