ISERROR & IFERROR function in Excel

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Iserror, Iferror function in excel, We might experience some error while working in Excel. In this tutorial, we will see how to use IFERROR, ISERROR Function in Excel in order to deal with the errors.

Let us take a look at these two functions one after the other.

ISERROR Function

The Microsoft ISERROR FUNCTION is used to check for error values such as #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME? OR #NULL. This ISERROR is an in-built function in Excel categorized under Information Function. – iserror, iferror function

It is used as a worksheet function and also VBA function. As a worksheet function, the ISERROR function is entered as a part of the formula. This function will return TRUE or FALSE. – iserror, iferror function

The ISERROR Function returns TRUE if there are any error value in the cell and FALSE if there are no error value in the cell. This function applies to all the versions of Excel from 2000.

The Syntax used to calculate the ISERROR function is:


Value: Here you enter the value that you want to test. If the value is an Error value it will return TRUE otherwise it will return FALSE.

An Example below will help you to know about the ISERROR function in Excel and how it works in Excel.

a. Below is the list of Material. We see errors in the image below.

ISERROR & IFERROR Function - iserror example
ISERROR Function Example

b. Using the ISERROR formula to see if the cell contains Value error. The result will appear TRUE or FALSE.

ISERROR & IFERROR Function - iserror in Excel
Excel ISERROR Function Result

Here the cell D3 returns True Value as it the cell contains an error. Also, cell D6 and D7 return True value.

ISERROR function can be utilized in many different ways. However, it is most effective when combined and used with the IF function.

IFERROR Function

IFERROR function is one of Excel’s logical function. IF function consists of a logical test and it will return the value that we choose for it to return. The IFERROR Function provides us a method by which we can decide our further actions based on either of the two outcomes. – iserror, iferror function

The main reason for using the IFERROR function in Excel is to trap the error, handle those errors, and improve the experience of the users. The IFERROR function allows you to replace errors with another value or formula or expression whatever you specify.

The syntax of IFERROR Function is:

This function has two arguments

If the value argument is an error then return the value_if_error. IFERROR function is far more efficient than the ISERROR function.

Value_if_error is the value or formula or expression that you want the IFERROR formula to return.

This function applies to all the Excel version after 2007. It is a worksheet function and it returns some values as string or number etc. Based on our example Column C contains the formula to calculate the price per unit.

a. In our example, Cell C4, C6, and C7 contain errors.

ISERROR & IFERROR Function - iserror example
Excel IFERROR Function Example

b. Column D in the spreadsheet will show you the result of the IFERROR function. Enter the IFERROR formula as =IFERROR (A2/B2, O) and If the value argument contains numbers it will return number as the result. But, if the value contains error it will return 0 as the result.

ISERROR & IFERROR Function - iferror example in excel
Excel IFERROR Function Result