Excel Text Magically Invisible

In this tutorial we will learn about making a Text Magically Invisible in Excel with the example given below:


Here I have a text named Invisible, which is written inside the cell, and I want to make that text invisible. So in order to make your text invisible, you just have to follow the steps given below:

1. Right-click on Invisible cell

2. Click on Format cells

Note – You can also format the cell by clicking on the cell and pressing Shortcut key Ctrl + 1

3. A Format cells Panel will open, go to Custom

4. In Custom section, type 3 characters means type semi colon (;) 3 times

5. Click on OK button

6. Lastly, your text will be magically invisible in Excel

7. If you want to make your text visible again, then click on General (no specific format) section under the Home Tab