MS Word Auto Sum Formula

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to add AutoSum Formula in Word


Assume that you are working with several numbers in a table and want to find the total at the table’s bottom. So to calculate the calculation within seconds, you have to add AutoSum Formula in Word

How to Add AutoSum Formula in Word?

To Add AutoSum Formula in Word, follow the steps given below:

1. Click on Customize Access Toolbar Dropdown

2. Go to More Commands

3. A Word Options Panel will open

Note – You can also go to File > Options to open the Word Options Panel

4. Click on Choose Command from the dropdown panel on the top

5. Select All Commands

6. Select any one item from the list and press S on your keyboard

7. Scroll down to the list, and you will Sum Command from the list

8. Click on Sum Command and add it by pressing the Add button

Note – After adding, you will see an icon appearing on the right side of the Word Options Panel

9. Click on OK, and you will forever have this AutoSum Icon on your Quick Access Toolbar