Excel Remove Drop Down list

Hello, everybody, today we are going to talk about how to Remove Drop Down List and we hope that you might be liking our tutorial and learning from it. Anyways, in this tutorial of Excel Superstar, we are going to answer a query. Our Excel experts received many E-mails on how to Remove the Dropdown list? So, we have decided to answer it.

In one of our tutorials, we showed how to create a drop-down list, technically it is termed as Data Validation list. So, let’s have a summary of it, or else you can have a recap of it

For creating a data validation list following steps should be followed:

  • Select a cell in which you want to create a drop-down list
  • Click on the ‘data’ tab from the ribbon
  • In the “data” tab you will find the “Data Validation” button click on it
  • A dialogue box will appear, In that box, the first tab will be “Setting” in that you will find “Validation Criteria”
  • Now, in “validation criteria” you will find a Term “Allow” which is by default set to “Any value.” This means the user can enter any value in that cell it can be a number or text.
  • The term “Allow” has a drop-down list where you find a different If a user selects a “List” option from the drop-down list, so the cell will only accept the value which is mention in the list
  • After selecting the “List” option, you will find a new term called “Source” with a text box that is placed below the “Allow” term. In this text, the box user has to enter the drop-down list menu or value.
  • After, the Completion of this process if a user enters any other value rather than the value mentioned in the list, it will not accept the value and will give an error.
  • By Carrying out this process, you can create a desired drop-down list.

Now, A question which was asked to our Excel Superstar experts was although, we have created a drop-down list. But, how to remove it? For removing drop-down list, there are two methods the first one is reverse the whole process that has been carried out for creating a “drop-down list” that is to be as follows:

  • Select the “Data” tab from ribbon
  • Click on “Data Validation ”
  • From the “Validation Criteria” set “Allow” term value to default which is “Any value ”

This process will remove the drop-down list. But it is quite a tedious and lengthy process. However, the second method which you will be learning is quite tricky and easy just it will take two steps to remove Drop down the list. Follow this magical steps to remove the drop-down list

  • Select a blank cell and “copy” it
  • “Paste” it into the drop-down list cell