Why do we Learn Excel Macros?

How will you feel if you could get any of your tasks done in just one click? It would feel really great. Right. Well, Excel Macros makes you feel the same while working with it. We can say that Macron is a magic button.

It acts like a magician which can do the long and lengthy tasks with few clicks from his fingertips. Excel VBA will give you a feel of power within yourself once you are done learning.

Excel VBA is great for those working with Excel on a regular basis. You get access to various functions and capabilities that VBA can provide. This tutorial will help you with the basic knowledge of why should you learn Macro in Excel.

What is Excel VBA?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is basically a programming language used in various Microsoft Apps. Visual Basic stands for programming. So basically, we can read VBA as a programming language for Application.

VBA can be created using the built-in Visual Basic Editor in Microsoft Excel. This application is used to record a programming language as you keep on performing. Without any application, VBA won’t run alone. It needs an application for its working.

Qualification for Working with Excel VBA?

You might be thinking you must be a programmer in order to understand or work with Excel VBA. But you are wrong, VBA is very simple for non-programmer as well. VBA offers a lot of assistance to edit, with the help of suggestions and automatic completions so that working is making easy and quick. It might take a time to start working with it but it is very simple.

Excel VBA Macros

A Macro is a piece of programming code that runs in the Excel environment and helps us to automate tasks. In simple words, a Macro is used for the recording of the routine steps in Excel that you can replay using a single button. Macros are one of the developer’s features in Excel. The Developers tab is not displayed in Excel. You need to display it by customizing your ribbon.

Ways you can create an Excel VBA Macros

There are two ways you can create an Excel VBA macro. This first way is to Launch a command button on the MS Excel spreadsheet and click on that button to enter the Visual Basic Editor. The second way is to launch the Visual Basic Editor from the menu.

Saving the Macros: While saving the macros, you must save in a Macro-enabled format i.e.’ xlsm.’


Excel VBA is of great importance in today’s world due to its amazing features to cope with the pace of a growing world. The question of why should you learn macros will be answered shortly.

1. Speed: Even if VBA is more difficult than recording a macro, we should learn it as it gives you more power out of VBA Macros. Instead of clicking around in the spreadsheet and recording those clicks, you can get full access functions and capabilities with just a click. You can do a lot of things in a little less time if you regularly work with Macro. Results will be generated faster as you are giving the command to Excel as to what should be done exactly.

2. Save and Share: After you have completed creating VBA macro, it is easy to share so that anyone else can get access or advantage of it. This becomes useful and easy when many people in the firm have to work with the same thing in Excel.

3. Automation: Today’s World is an automated work. So to need to automate our processing work. For example, you want to copy and paste from different sheets, what will you do its copy from 1 sheet and paste it into another, and so on. Well, this is not what automation is, Automation lets you do your task in a few seconds rather than taking minutes and hour and a lot of ma power efforts.

You just need to run your Macro command by going to the View Tab > Macros group > View Macro > Run Macros. And your work is done. You need to create a Macro which will be explained further.

4. Career Progress: Nowadays there is a lot of job offer or career opportunities for people working with Excel VBA. People who know how to use Excel VBA will definitely progress and develop a lot in their careers. You just need to know the speed at which the VBA works and also the automation VBA helps us with. If you are well versed with this it will definitely help you in your growth.

This tutorial might have clearly explained to you why should you learn Excel VBA and what is important. This was just a basic knowledge to give you an idea of what Excel VBA is and how does it help us in today’s world.